A Bit About Myself

  Many years ago, after my stint in the army, I was a studio engineer for a television station. Man, was that ever boring.I think the more glamorous a job sounds the less personally rewarding it is.

So I went back to school and changed careers. I studied machining technology and became a machinist.

I just loved working with metal and have ever since. Eventually I became a mechanical engineer. Confined to the office all day I searched for an outlet. A home shop . . . that's what I needed.

With an interest in medieval armour and weapons I started making crude pieces. A fifth grade teacher friend of mine, asked me to show my collection to her students. Now that was fun. The look on the kids faces was priceless.

I needed more and better armour… well, that led to improving my home shop. I acquired a plasma torch and welders, then designed and fabricated my own armoring tools.

So… this brings us to where we are today: Enjoying metal work. My main focus is the 10th -12th century with occasional commissions in modern art, science fiction and fantasy.

Please have a look around the gallery, maybe pick up a few ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!



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